New Product! Aida Cilantro Salsa

You have never tasted anything as unique and delicious as Aida Cilantro Salsa! Crafted as a home recipe, it is so popular, Aida is now making it available to you at home. Made from fresh cilantro, organic garlic, lime juice, olive oil, jalepeño (not too spicy) and some "trade secret" ingredients. It has many uses. It is a great salsa, a dip, salad dressing, and marinade. It will be available year-round beginning in September in 8 oz, and 16 ounce jars. Use the order form below to get yours or you can find it at the Veneta Saturday Farmers Market from 10am-2pm. Your taste buds will say "ejolé". Arrange Pickup at our Noti Hotspot on Hwy 126 and Torrence Road (at the Red Hut)