Aida Pie Company Products

Aida creates a different pie each week for pickup. You can choose either a frozen or a fresh baked Pie of the Week. A baked pie costs an additional one dollar. Check this website to see what's new. Her Noti Signature Pie is decorated with an edible "sawtooth grin" and "log eyes" to pay homage to the sawmill. We locally source our fruit pies ingredients.

Aida Pie Company isn't just pies. Aida also bakes her "Domes of Love", a sausage pattie, cheddar cheese, with free range scrambled eggs in a dome of pastry. Or, try her special No-Tuffin. It is a cross between a croissant, a muffin and a sweet roll.

  • Baked "Noti Pies"
  • Frozen "Noti Pies"
  • "Domes of Love"
  • "No-Tuffins"
  • Seasonal Specials

"Dome of Love"

Lemon Pie

Beet Pie

No-Tuffins with Tie Dye Decoration